Brockway Rd cnr John XXIII Ave
Mt Claremont

(08) 9384 3492

Postal Address

The Secretary
PO Box 13
Claremont 6010


The centre is funded by donations, self fund raising and Government support. Donations over $2 are tax deductable and gratefully received.

Registered Charity License number: 20307


Must remain on the premises at all times whilst your consumers are riding. At times due to the unavailability of volunteers we would be grateful for your help when needed to assist us when your children are riding. Please follow the coach’s directions.


We try to accommodate all applications for riding. Priority is given to people that have the most immediate needs or will benefit most from our service. It may be difficult for obese people to be mounted on horses. Violence towards any person or horse will not be tolerated.


Client information is confidential, only used by CTRC staff.


Riders, who are staying for longer than one term, are encouraged to participate in decision making at both the individual and service level.


No Rider should EVER be physically, sexually, emotionally or verbally abused by any volunteer or member of Staff of CTRC. If this should ever occur the Rider should report the incident as set out below in Grievance Policies BUT if the law has been broken, such as in a sexual harassment, then the Rider or their Carer should report the matter to the Police or the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.


If the Rider has any grievance that is not a legal matter as above but a complaint about some aspect of the service then they should take the complaint to the Coach or the Grievance Officer (PO Box 13, Claremont 6010) who will, with the help of the Committee, try and solve it. The Rider may have an advocate to assist them. Further avenues include the Office of Health Review, or the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services.


Integrated riding sessions are included in programmes at this centre. However it is the prerogative of clients with disabilities to decide whether or not they wish to participate in Integrated activities and to what extent. The riders should discuss this with the Executive Officer.


All volunteers are required to have police clearance. See staff for details.


CTRC staff cannot under any circumstance administer medication.


Therapy is not tough, gruelling or painful. It is team-work Those involved namely the students. volunteers and instructors all enjoy what they are doing. The Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre has become a family. The student is not the only one being helped here.

The volunteers are being satisfied by knowing that they can give both their time and love to assist a disabled student and also be able to show love and appreciation for some horses. The parents benefit, as they are able to interact with each other to discuss their particular situation and exchange ideas that might help in the management and care of their child.,

Not only are instructors getting the opportunity to teach what they have spent so much time learning about. They are content in the knowledge that their efforts are Improving the quality of life for a few people.

General Conditions

Remember to sign the Log Book

The log book must be filled out for everybody on entry to CTRC. No person shall help or ride a horse until they have been entered into the log book. Signing the LOG BOOK is your insurance cover, Failure to do so is at your own risk.